Love, love is not sleeping

Floating Life is like a dream, the red dust is a few times, life is like water wearing dust, maybe I can meet you in my lifetime, and I have spent all my luck. Then, if the past life is sentimentally attached, the love in this life, if the two feelings are long, they should be in the morning and evening. The wind is singing, the flowers are whispering, the time is shallow, the time is full, the heart is concerned, the fiber is fragrant. The warmth in the eyes, the thoughts in the heart, tears wet the eyes, lines broken, and thousands of years of love became fate. Deep in Love, rain, thousands of red dust ripples, laughing at yesterday’s smoky clouds. Who said that he only envied the mandarin duck but not the fairy, but only the smoky rain and the red dust for a moment? July seventh, our hearts are connected, we love each other, love is not sleeping.

Xia Weiyang, the night is slightly cool, the free flying flowers are dreamlike light, and the boundless imagination is like a rainbow. The wind, the song of cutting; Song, gently. The star is asleep and the moon is drunk. Deep in that time, who cast down the red line of this moon? Three thousand prosperous, but only you into my eyebrows. The song is tactful, the Moonlight is blurred, then who sings the fleeting love? Flowers bloom and fragrance, fall in love with each other in the city, a journey of mountains and rivers and a year of prosperity, amazing time and warm years.

Crescent quiet, bamboo flute light play. Guan Guan’s Dove, in the river continent; My Fair Lady, a gentleman, is a good man. Qingqingzi sing, leisurely my heart, I will not go, Zi Ning not Si yin? Ya que stirred up the clouds, and the flying flowers swayed the strings. There is a bridge in the sky, and we meet again this evening. The happy love between the eyebrows and the love overflowing from the corners of the eyes may be love, which first blushed and then blushed. There are thousands of words lingering between the lips and teeth, and the lingering hair at the top of the eyebrows. However, at this moment, I only wish to have a glimpse, not to think about it, nor to think about who had Haggard his face for whom, who has broken his mind for whom?

Time flies, deep and profound. Seek Thousands of retries and dream thousands of times. On three-Life Stone, your last name, my name is engraved. In the bustling red dust, we searched, walked, smiled, and walked one journey after another. You laughed at me, you cried and I cried. We have been asking each other countless times what is good about me and what do you fall in love with me. However, life is in a hurry and the years are long. Who can understand whose heart? Who can unlock whose heart sounds? At the moment when the meteor passed by, at first glance, I unconsciously caressed my heart and asked myself, how many things can I meet in this life after all? How many meet each other to remember the rest of your life. The fleeting time not only warmed the years, but also awakened many dreams. It turns out that in the emotional world, there is no one who is right or wrong, no one really fails who, who owes who? The first sight at a glance, the tenderness between eyebrows and the smile at the corners of the mouth, is it the fate of robbing or boasting? Love is walking in the world, love is lingering in the poem lines, but kites are shallow in cloudy days. It turned out that falling in love with you only took a moment.

Cut a period of fleeting light and hold the warmth of meeting all the way. Soft time, very light steps, maybe, you only want to listen to a song of Qingsong, take a whisper, count the past few years, write a song of thousand years of love for her (him), and dance forever. Since then, I have taken a look at the whole world. If the heart knows each other, it is warm without words. You enriched my life, and I entered your life. However, there is no love without fate in the world, and there is no love without reason in the world. The love of the previous life, the entanglement of this life. In the leisure of time, who is who’s forever? Who is the only one?

Choose a city to die and meet a person with a white head. The feeling is strong, and the moon dissolves. Time is lost in communication, and love is settled in the years. Who is the song of Tanabata sung for, and who is the love of Tanabata dripped? Clover, in the cross, the only child shows; Seven-color flower, Green Forest, free song. Bustling and wandering, floating like a dream. In a daze, the light at the bottom of your eyes has shocked my tenderness like this. Night falls, the moon is hazy, drunk and confused. After drunk, I knew that the wine was strong, and Aquacome parties knew that it was heavy. In our whole life, we will always meet such a person, which makes us feel excited. The loneliness and restless feelings are on the verge. Since then, in the love story of voluntary ends of the Earth and eternal love, only you are the only one, only me. Maybe, this is love, but we often talk endlessly with our beloved people, and shed tears with strangers. Or, after walking the same street, we went back to two worlds. However, in the course of love, we want to keep one city, take a mountain and river, and hold a clear sky. From then on, there is only one city, one love, one person in the world, it hurts all my life!

Then, if you love, please love deeply. Although there is Yang’s obsession with the little dragon girl, Wang Yu’s favor to Daji, and Duan Yu’s specificity to Wang Yuzhen in the story, there is a day when no matter how good things are, no matter how deep the memory is, there will be a moment of forgetting, and no matter how beautiful the dream is, there will be a moment of waking up. Then, before being loved by others, we should also learn to love ourselves first, because love is mutual and love is equal. In the world of love, there is no one who is right or wrong, only who does not cherish who. The intersection of people is love, and the intersection of love is understanding. Then, what we should give up will never be retained, and what we should cherish and save will never let go. Because if you leave a place, the scenery here will no longer belong to you, but miss someone, and this person has nothing to do with you ever since.

Then, in this case, it is better not to ask the past or the future. In the years, we are shallow and deeply loved. Treat every minute as the end of the world and every lover as the last. No scruple, no wandering, bold to love. Just like you came, I put my heart and soul. But please don’t forget, when we look up to others, we should also realize clearly that we are not humble. Then, no matter what the ending is, we should be grateful to each other, thank each other, thank God for letting us meet, thank fate for letting us know each other, and thank fate for letting us know each other. And if this beauty is corroded and changed the taste, then please be strong and never hesitate to learn to stand up your waist and take a firm strides step, because love is loved, and it will pass. Our story should love the persistence of love and walk freely. There is no one right or wrong between us. True love is silent and deep in love. What can be cultivated slowly is not love, but habit; What can be obtained slowly over time is not love, But moved. While Love is the gift of that moment, there is it suddenly, there is nothing without it. And what about the happiness of life? However, it only depends on true feelings to operate and care.

Xia Weiyang, the night is cool, the Moonlight is Misty, the song is tactful, how long is the day and how long is the land? The love on the three-Life Stone, the oath beside Fontana di Trevi, the piety in Nahe Bridge, maybe, the ambiguity is over, and it will be sunny if you and I are well.

Plain color for a while, cool breeze slowly, Crescent round, little bit by bit, heart, thread into the soul. The night is fading, the moon is hazy, and the drunkenness is getting confused. Who is that? In order to meet you in his lifetime, he spent all his (her) luck.

July seventh, our hearts are connected, we love each other, and we love sleepless. Look, is this good?

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