Daisy’s flower words

Daisy’s flower words

Su Yan went to the mountain village in the south of the Yangtze River for the first time. It was April in the year of junior year. It was a rainy spring dusk. She went to her house with little fish. The Qingshi Road in the mountain village has lush grass on both sides. The unknown mountain flowers on the front hillside are bathed in the rain, shaking and dancing. The slightly open Bud was drenched by the rain, but with joy, it slowly peeled off the flower clothes. The White was simple and elegant, the waist was tender, and the golden yellow in the flower stamens filled with vision, just like a sea of flowers. Xiaoyu said: this is my favorite Daisy. After the spring rain every year, I like to come here to watch daisies blossom.

Little Fish is a Jiangnan girl of the same line as Su Yan, with big eyes and a little shyness. If you say a few words with the boy, you will blush. Su Yan fell in love with little fish in the second semester of his sophomore year. After more than a year of transition, I saw that all the brothers in the same dormitory had girlfriends. I was very envious to see that they often had double-entry pairs and fed each other when eating. Su Yan likes sports and is the main force of the school basketball team. He has no experience in pursuing girls.

Maybe there are often some dog blood bridges on campus. Once on the way to the school gate, Su Yan was walking alone, seeing a girl in front of him riding a bicycle and tripping over a stone, the girl sat on the ground and cried. Su Yan took a closer look at the small fish, a literary and art committee member of the department. He quickly stepped forward to pick up the girl. Later, he sent the girl to the school clinic, repaired her bicycle and sent the small fish back to the dormitory. Later, because the little fish thanked Su Yan for inviting him to dinner, the two gradually walked together.

Su Yan and Xiaoyu have been dating for more than half a year and gradually like this petite Jiangnan girl. It’s just a little hesitation in Su Yan’s heart, because Su Yan will return to the enterprise of the Mobei family after graduation, and I don’t know what kind of ending love will be.

Holding an umbrella, holding the soft rain of the small fish, following the guidance of the small fish, looking at the daisies in the sea of flowers, he stood strong in the rain, although some flower paths were broken and some flowers were messy, the flower clothes are still light, embellishing the beauty of this green mountain.

The rain stopped quietly, the daisies shook off the raindrops, the flower clothes opened, the white clothes, the green waist and the yellow flower stamens surprised the Sycamore on the side of the road. The rain falling was sucked by the grass.

The little fish jumped ahead and shouted to Su Yan to hurry up. Standing beside the sea of flowers, the little fish picked up some daisies knocked down by the rain, packed them in plastic bags, and said to Su Yan, “I want to put them in vases so that they can exist for more time.

The little fish sang Huang Jiaju (like you) and kept picking up scattered flowers. Little Fish likes (likes you) this song very much. Every time he goes to karaoke, he will jukebox.

Drizzle with rheumatism through the dusk streets wipe away the rain eyes look innocent to the lonely night lights

It was the sad memory that filled my heart again with countless thoughts. The past moment of laughter still hung on my face.

May you know at this moment that I sincerely say that I like you

After graduating from senior year, Su Yan is going home. In the lakeside pavilion on campus, Xiao Yu looked at Su Yan: I may not be able to accompany you to Mobei. I will take care of my mother at home. Little Fish’s mother has been in poor health. Usually, her father takes care of her alone, and she has to do some small business to earn money for little fish to go to school.

The little fish handed a pot of daisies to Su Yan. The flowerpot was written with flower words on it. A white and delicate daisies were cold and bright, blooming alone.

I hope you like it, just as a separate memorial.

Su Yan, who returned to his hometown, watched the daisies wither gradually. I don’t know how his heart stung. Looking at the flower language on the flowerpot, I suddenly remembered something. I opened my mobile phone to search for some daisy flower language and looked at what was written on the web page: the love of daisy flower is deep in my heart;

Love you very much. So willing, don’t hold you back, let you fly to a happy place.

Four meanings of Daisies: always happy, do you love me or not? Parting, love hidden in the bottom of my heart.

At this moment, Su Yan suddenly understood the little fish’s mind.

Su Yan told his parents that he was going to Jiangnan and told the love story with little fish. Su Yan’s parents are also reasonable people, go, what a good girl, don’t hurt the girl’s heart.

After dealing with family affairs, in April of this year, on a warm rainy afternoon, Su Yan came to the once familiar mountain village, standing on Qingshi Road, looking at the sea of flowers in the distance, A girl picked up daisies falling in the rain, her long hair was tied with purple belts, and her white dress and blooming daisies melted together, as if a beautiful water painting to the extreme, charming the Green Mountains, the season is rendered.

Su Yan looked at everything in front of him silently, feeling a little painful and sweet. With tears in the corner of his eye, he walked to the back of the girl, turned on his mobile phone and played what he recorded (like you), which was recorded when Su Yan and Xiaoyu used to sing karaoke together.

The girl turned around and looked at Su Yan, with a touch of surprise and grievance in her eyes.

You’re here.

Well, I’m coming.

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